A Tale of Star – Crossed Lovers09-10 Nov , 2018

A TALE OF STAR-CROSSED LOVERS “Happy to have thy Love. Happy to Die” – a collaborative work of Nyoba Kan & KL Shakespeare Players (in conjunction with the 11th KL Butoh Fest 2018 [...]

Recently Added Events
  • RondoFest Music Festival 2021
    Arts Festival

    RondoFest Music Festival 2021

    The Rondo Production is pleased to announce that the RondoFest Music Festival 2021 will be held from 9 to 12 June 2021. The digital music festival aims to offer a comprehensive learning experience to all woodwinds and brass students, as well as educators. At the same time, the festival has designed various informative workshops and masterclasses fo [...]

  • Borneo’s Tree of Life Exhibition

    Borneo’s Tree of Life Exhibition

    Immerse yourself into one of the thickest rainforests in Malaysia at the Borneo's Tree of Life Exhibition here in KL at GMBB, creative community mall that believes in meaning-making. It will be featuring a wide range of unique flora and fauna photos. This exhibition spans fifteen years of Chien C. Lee’s work in Borneo, with images selected to con [...]

  • FORGING TRADITIONS BEYOND BORDERS, eLearning on Malay Traditional Dances

    FORGING TRADITIONS BEYOND BORDERS, eLearning on Malay Traditional Dances

    Forging Traditions Beyond Borders is an eLearning platform to learn Malay traditional dances for FREE. It is a community outreach programme organized by ASK DANCE COMPANY as an initiatives to promote traditional dance forms to the community. We offers two dances to learn which is Zapin Perak and Terinai Mengadap. The programme is jointly certified [...]