A Tale of Star – Crossed Lovers09-10 Nov , 2018

A TALE OF STAR-CROSSED LOVERS “Happy to have thy Love. Happy to Die” – a collaborative work of Nyoba Kan & KL Shakespeare Players (in conjunction with the 11th KL Butoh Fest 2018 [...]

  • Malam Takdir in KL – A Reading

    Malam Takdir in KL – A Reading

    Malam Takdir - a staged reading of a new play by Johan OthmanDirected by Chee Sek Thim Featuring Hilyati Ramli & Riz ZolkepliSynopsis: Inspired by an episode from the Mahabharata, Malam Takdir imagines a conversation between king Dhritarashtra who was born blind, and his advisor Sanjaya, who is gifted with foresight. This conversatio [...]

  • The Interests Are At Stake

    The Interests Are At Stake

    Kreuser/Cailleau is a duo project by German composer Timo Kreuser and French filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau. Their fetish is approaching objects as containers of signifying function, generalized meaning and sociocultural context.With their latest project THE INTERESTS ARE AT STAKE they tour South East Asia in January and February 2020. In Malaysi [...]

  • Pinball Monkeys

    Pinball Monkeys

    You’ve seen Making Shit Up where every improvised comedy scene is inspired by audience suggestions, but what if an entire show is built around just ONE random word from the audience? That’s what the Pinball Monkeys will be doing! Taking a single word suggestion from the audience with nothing else but their brains, these improvisers will create [...]

  • Power Up vol.12

    Power Up vol.12

    //POWER UP Vol.12// Loud, noisy and heavy. Rackety, skronking and shrieking. Rowdy, boisterous and rough. If you feel that music should make your hair stand on end, twist your stomach or unclog your ears, then Power Up is right for you... A regular music series presented by Raw Art Space, Power Up features experimental/noise music from local a [...]

  • Queens of Asia Comedy Special!

    Queens of Asia Comedy Special!

    In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2020, we bring together four of Asia’s biggest female comedians in a stand-up comedy showcase like never before! Putting the POWER in empowerment, Queens of Asia Comedy Special will see each of these ladies bringing their unique comedy stylings to Kuala Lumpur for a one-night only extravaganza of hi [...]

  • Syiok Sendiri 9: Power of Pombele!

    Syiok Sendiri 9: Power of Pombele!

    The Malaysian hit comedy-variety show returns with their ninth instalment! Can you believe that? NINTH?! That just goes to show that even in New Malaysia, the country and its people continues to be a treasure trove of endless comedy material. This time, the show is themed “Power of Pombele” to commemorate International Women’s Day.As usua [...]