A Tale of Star – Crossed Lovers09-10 Nov , 2018

A TALE OF STAR-CROSSED LOVERS “Happy to have thy Love. Happy to Die” – a collaborative work of Nyoba Kan & KL Shakespeare Players (in conjunction with the 11th KL Butoh Fest 2018 [...]

  • Dames & Dimes, the Musical

    Dames & Dimes, the Musical

    CPAC's DAMES & DIMES, THE MUSICALWritten & directed by Scott McQuaid Music & lyrics by Nick ChooSTORY Dames & Dimes is an original musical set in 1934 on New York’s most famous street, Broadway. The story follows two young girls from out [...]

  • David Glass’s Tempest

    David Glass’s Tempest

    David Glass's TEMPEST - a re-imagining of Shakespeare's The TempestPresented by: David Glass Ensemble KL Shakespeare Players The Actors Studio Seni Teater RakyatVENUE Pentas 2, klpacDATES & TIMES 28-30 Mar 2019 (Thu-Sat) @ 8.30pm 31 Mar 2019 (Sun) @ 3pm (Morning shows on weekdays are available upon request. Call 012-653 0987 [...]

  • Craft Workshops

    Craft Workshops

    Engage your creativity and explore the world of art with us! Extra-Mural Studies Department (EMS) of MIA offers the following classes and workshops in March 2019. For registration, please click the link below.CLASSES • Drawing & Painting Class for Adult https://goo.gl/forms/TEGt3PpPnDfJxAr [...]

  • Drawing & Painting Class for Beginner / Intermediate / Advance

    Drawing & Painting Class for Beginner / Intermediate / Advance

    We offer Drawing & Painting Class for teens & adults. You will learn both techniques in drawing & painting which focused on specialized medium. It will provoke your sense of creativity & allow you to express yourself in a way that fits within your skill level.Day & Time: Wednesday, 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm; or Saturday, 9 am [...]

  • Traditional Gongbi (Meticulous) Ink Painting

    Traditional Gongbi (Meticulous) Ink Painting

    Exploring a highly detailed brushstroke of Traditional Gongbi (Meticulous) Ink Painting in our upcoming class in March 2019. Step by step, you will be able to master the techniques such as brushstroke, ink laying, outlining, composition, and more.Day & Time: Friday, 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm; or Sunday, 3.00 pm – 6.00 pmVenue: MIA City C [...]

  • Siri Lok by Raja Shahriman – Solo Exhibition 2019

    Siri Lok by Raja Shahriman – Solo Exhibition 2019

    Siri Lok - Solo Exhibition 2019Pameran Siri Lok ini akan di adakan pada tahun 2019.Lok:-asal perkataan ‘lekuk’. -Membawa pengertian bengkang bengkok. -Ia di guna pakai pada menyatakan sifat pada bilah keris.Falsafah perlambangan: Lok membawa erti perjalanan yang penuh dengan ujian. Semakin banyak atau kuat lok nya, bererti se [...]