A Tale of Star – Crossed Lovers09-10 Nov , 2018

A TALE OF STAR-CROSSED LOVERS “Happy to have thy Love. Happy to Die” – a collaborative work of Nyoba Kan & KL Shakespeare Players (in conjunction with the 11th KL Butoh Fest 2018 [...]

  • Tide Arts・Opera Dream 2019

    Tide Arts・Opera Dream 2019

    This is the second year for student performance, and we have additional new faces. This year we had grow the spirit of inheritance , and we have attractive performances such as famous short scene from Justice Bao, Zhao Shao Qing, and china famous legendary story Journey to the west .The art of opera must keep on in order to keep it alive to bri [...]

  • 東西之戰 The War

    東西之戰 The War

    Another signature play presented by Kam Sin Kiew Art Crew; produced, composed, and performed by Kam Sin Kiew, the Master and Doyenne of Chinese Opera.Once upon a time, there were two brilliant generals - General Choi, and General Wong. They contributed a lot to the country; and so, the Emperor granted East Coas [...]

  • Thunderstorm 雷雨

    Thunderstorm 雷雨

    Thunderstorm 雷雨 ⚡⚡Following the 2017 sold out production in English, the leading lady of Malaysian theatre Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican will now be directing Tsao Yu’s masterpiece in Hokkien and Cantonese. The Actors Studio will be staging the epic family sag [...]

  • Stories for Amah

    Stories for Amah

    Stories for Amah was first staged in 2002 and garnered 5 nominations at the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards.Written by Mark Beau de Silva, the play centres on Ruth de Souza, a young serani woman who is conflicted by the Chinese upbringing on her mother’s side and the Eurasian identity imposed on h [...]

  • Theatre In Hotel 劇場。酒店

    Theatre In Hotel 劇場。酒店

    Theatre In Hotel 劇場。酒店 --- a site specific theatre performance 环境戲劇演出Admission 入场:RM30 per show (一场RM30) RM50 for two shows (两场套票RM50)Content 内容: 4 short plays per night, performing at different spaces in the old hotel simultaneously. [...]

  • DUST : a devised work on death, grief & life

    DUST : a devised work on death, grief & life

    DUST is an intimate, multi-lingual exploration of mortality, and how different people deal with it. It's conceived through the stories, dreams and imaginations of five performers who have been deeply impacted by experiences and questions about death, grief, and ultimately, life.In 90 minutes, DUST weaves theatr [...]