Gerak Rupa Ubur Penyataan 1957 – 197329-Oct,2017 to 25-Feb , 2018

GERAK RUPA UBUR PENYATAAN 1958 – 1973 29 October 2017 – 25 Feburary 2018 Level 5 Curator’s Tour on 2 December 2017 at 3PM What does it mean to be modern? What shapes a modern experience? How [...]

  • Dance

    Nyanyian Bumi

    Presenting ‘Nyanyian Bumi’, a new collective project with artists, Aco Ridwan (INDONESIA), Pei Ern (MALAYSIA) and dancer Atsushi Heki (JAPAN) sharing our differences in background and culture, working on the idea and concept of Body in three different dimensions Tubuh Kota Tubuh Manusia Tubuh Bumi [...]

  • Exhibition

    Heartbreak Hotel

    Angst. Confusion. Longing. Frustration. Loss of privilege. Running from painful memories. Self-reflection. These are some of the phrases informing HEARTBREAK HOTEL, a group exhibition comprising the works of emerging artists, Ibnu Alfadli Othman, Jun Kit, and Mark Tan.Each artist explo [...]

  • Music

    BoboKL presents: Michael Veerapen & Samantha De Lune

    Maestro extraordinaire, Michael Veerapen appears twice this month and wraps up February with sultry Samantha de Lune on vocals. Ms. De Lune has been making the rounds of KL’s live music venues and even made her debut on the Dewan Fi [...]

  • Exhibition

    Soul Killers Don’t Quit

    What will be left in the future?The title of this show is an ironic, if somewhat iconic statement. An epiphany, or realisation if you will, of how much have been lost to the sacrilegious repressive attitudes of existing power structures that are daily subverting our consciousness not to mention our history. There is hope and the undertones are [...]

  • Exhibition

    Dialogue: Ahmad Fuad Rahmat, Ahmad Fuad Osman & Lee Weng Choy

    Talks in conjunction with PRIMITIVE: A Solo Exhibition by Ahmad Fuad Osman3:00 pm Dialogue with Ahmad Fuad Rahmat and Lee Weng Choy 3:30 pm Dialogue with Ahmad Fuad Osman facilitated by Lee Weng Choy followed by book launchRSVP: Nikki Ong +6018 333 3399 | info@aplusart.asia+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +[...]

  • Exhibition


    The A+ Works of Art is hosting a solo art exhibition entitled Primitive. This show features the works of Malaysian artist Ahmad Fuad Osman who has been missing from the art scene for more than a decade now. This show will feature his latest works that include paintings, sculptures and installations.ABOUT AHMAD FUAD OSM [...]