A Tale of Star – Crossed Lovers09-10 Nov , 2018

A TALE OF STAR-CROSSED LOVERS “Happy to have thy Love. Happy to Die” – a collaborative work of Nyoba Kan & KL Shakespeare Players (in conjunction with the 11th KL Butoh Fest 2018 [...]

  • Bangsa Koyak

    Bangsa Koyak

    Hi, kami dari Dramatis Studio berbesar hati menjemput anda untuk ke pementasan kami. Bersempena Festival Teater Negeri Melaka 2019 yang akan diadakan di Kompleks Jkkn Melaka. Produksi ini diketuai oleh Cikgu Rosli Rahman Adam.Jangan lupa hadirkan diri anda!Venue : Panggung Seri Kompleks JKKN Melaka, Ayer Keroh Tarikh : 25 Julai 2019 Jam : [...]

  • Mix Bill

    Mix Bill

    Bill 1 2nd August 2019, 8.30pm 3rd August 2019, 3.30pmBill 2 3rd August 2019, 8.30pm 4th August 2019, 3.30pm & 8.30pmA performance of four (4) contemporary dance works; by Kenny Shim & Collective and Möbius Dance (U.K.) Artistic Direction by Gianluca VincentiniBill 1 – Dramatis Personae and Time Moves Slow by Möbius Danc [...]

  • Gruesome Playground Injuries

    Gruesome Playground Injuries

    GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES Sakit tak? Sakit.IUMW Thespians in collaboration with the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) presents Gruesome Playground Injuries, IUMW’s 1st ever theatre production: Written by Rajiv Joseph, and adapted for Malaysian audiences by Axyr Hanz William & Nephi Shaine William.Performed with speci [...]

  • Broadway Academy Show Choir

    Broadway Academy Show Choir

    Weekly lessons that trains you to dazzle and be a star on stage! It is your gateway to Musical Theater!Show Choir is a dynamic team that sings as a choir and dance as an ensemble while being the best version of yourselves in style and fashion!No experience, no audition is needed!Open to age 13 to 20 years old. Take your lessons up to Di [...]

  • Sangeetha Sandhya – The Best of South Indian Music in Support of Mental Health

    Sangeetha Sandhya – The Best of South Indian Music in Support of Mental Health

    Naad Sreevijayam Society Brings The Best of Classical South Indian Music to Penang in support of Mental HealthThe non-profit organisation, Naad Sreevijayam Society is proud to announce Sangeetha Sandhya, their upcoming fundraising concert. The concert will be held at 6pm on the 20th of July 2019 at the Wawasan Open University, Penang and will [...]

  • Violin and Piano Recital by Jirajet Jesadachet and Yap Sin Yee

    Violin and Piano Recital by Jirajet Jesadachet and Yap Sin Yee

    Spend your evening with wonderful classical music on the violin and piano! Both artists, Jirajet from Thailand and Sin Yee from Malaysia were graduates from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore. We had their first concert series in Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand in year 2016. And now, we are bringing to you our all new program in Kual [...]