About Us

At Kakiseni, it’s about believing that good things should be shared.

We are convinced more people should have access to the performing arts and we are certain that when people get together to have the same conversation, it makes for an enriching experience.

Here at Kakiseni, we have no set formula or framework on how we approach our

work, only a resolve to work with artists to empower the arts industry, and help build a sustainable local arts scene through various efforts. If there’s something you want to do, let’s talk.

This website provides listings for the arts community (events, auditions and performer database), and also serves as a portal to our other micro-sites.

Enquiries or Suggestions

Enquiries or suggestions about some of our projects? Send an email to

contact@kakiseni.com, or for specific projects, here are the contact details:

BOH Cameronian Arts Awards
Project Leader: David Chin
Contact: david.chin@kakiseni.com

Kakiseni Digital Platforms
Project Leader: Shufitri
Contact: shufitri@kakiseni.com

The Other Festival (arts,
history & food in Ipoh)

Project Leader: Lylatul Qadrina
Contact: lyla@kakiseni.com