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Talking About with The Actors Studio

Brainchild of Joe Hasham OAM, Talking About is their all-new documentary series that revolves around casual chats with arts makers that offer a rare glimpse into how production is brought to life. A new episode will be released via KLPAC YouTube channel (

If you’d like to see more of these, consider making a donation via (indicate “TalkingAbout” in remarks). Their losses amount close to RM2m. They have to raise another RM3.3m by Dec 2021.

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Pendek dan Sedap

Pendek & Sedap adalah Projek Teater Mini anjuran Asterik Anak Seni buat mereka yang meminati seni penulisan. Projek ini mengandungi tiga fasa, dimana Fasa 1 adalah pengeluaran idea dan penghasilan cerita pendek.



A Youtube channel on theatre reviews.


PEON by Patblas Studio

Devised and performed by Alif Azeman, Hazmi Faiz, Nik Aqil.
Peon is a story of three young men travelling in a train. Things go awry when there is an announcement of a bomb on board. Who do we become when we are threatened?


Gerak Angin: The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival 2020

Brought to you by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Gerak Angin, The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival, organised by Masakini Theatre, Sutra Foundation and Surprise Ventures, will showcase the insightful works of local artistes to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.


Three Virgins Fly to the Moon

Three Virgins Fly To The Moon is a story about friendship, relationship and lives of three bestfriends Chot, Salmiah and Pungut. The play was performed at Balai Budaya Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka Cawangan Sarawak on 24th September 2019. The script was written by Aidli Mosbit and directed by Felix Agustus.


Drama Kilat

Quick audio drama written by Ridhwan Saidi, complete with remixing and sound design by Joni Atari on Moka Mocha Ink’s Facebook and Instagram.


Wayang Jalanan

Bitesized wayang storytelling, told by Madam Sabera Shaik from Masakini Theatre Company on Facebook and Instagram.


Sang Kancil and the Tiger

Contemporary shadow theatre storytelling of a local folklore, told by Madam Sabera Shaik from Masakini Theatre Company.


ONZ Productions COVID-19 Interview Series

Malaysian production company ONZ Production is currently doing some videos with artist/producer/arts council committee

from different countries to share about the supports/the hardship they face during this critical time.

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Tong Ju 2.0

Come and watch the table read of William Yap’s latest script which is

the 2nd installment of the play <同居> . It is the very first draft

and he welcomes your thoughts to perfect the script!


The Self Isolation YumCha Session

19 April 2020, – 9pm Theatre: What’s Next? 

25 April 2020, 9pm Actors: Now How?

Performing arts practitioners gather for a yumcha session to talk about the direction of the local theatre scene during social distancing.


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