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Penerima Program Pembiayaan Seni Persembahan @irongangpuppettheatre mempersembahkan ‘Si Tanggang’ sebuah pertunjukan boneka teochew dengan unsur kontemporari di @pjpac_1utama

About IBU Theatre
The ingrate son, being morally outraged
The hatred Ibu, in pain of unrequited love
The traditional artiste, with a lifelong passion for heritage inheritance
The dialogue between tradition & modernity; human nature & ethics; self & identity.

Inspired by South East Asian folklore, Si Tanggang, with 2.5 years in research development and device process, 《Ibu 伊母》 the Debut Play by Iron Gang Puppet Theatre retells the well-known legend about filial piety from a different perspective, weaving in new interpretation to the original storyline.

A collective collaboration led by the fourth generation Teochew Iron Rod puppet practitioner Ling Goh,together with theatre director Ling Tang, visual artist Stephen Teoh, indie band FAZZ, and multidisciplinary multimedia artist Abdul Shakir, aims to open a new chapter for the gradually fading tradition of Teochew Iron Rod Puppetry.

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