Unquiet Thoughts

“Unquiet Thoughts” is an art song recital that explores the myriad of emotions entangled in the realm of love. This captivating art song recital showcases a rich selection of poetry spanning millennia and continents, exploring the complexities of human connection and desire.
The program includes evocative art songs in English, Mandarin, German, Italian, and French, each carefully curated to offer a diverse and immersive experience. From the timeless verses of ancient Mandarin poets dating back to the 7th century BC to the poignant words of English troubadour Dowland, from the passionate verses of Goethe’s German poetry to the stirring works of Victor Hugo in French, our program encapsulates the essence of love in its myriad forms. The songs speak of the hesitant infatuation of love at first sight, the melancholy uneasiness of unrequited love, the heightened splendor and passion of full-blown romance, and the near-insanity despair of being abandoned. Though the language and music styles may be different, yet we are all truly unified by these human experiences that transcend time and cultures.”Unquiet Thoughts,” is suitable for both seasoned enthusiasts and first-time listeners to enjoy the refined combination of poetry and music in the form of art songs in its many variants.

Performed by The Poetics Collective comprising Sharlene Rani (Soprano), Chew Shi  Yun (Soprano), Asha Menon (Soprano), Tunku Athirah Tunku Ibrahim (Soprano), Scott Woo (Tenor), Darrel Chan (Countertenor, Piano), Iau Jo Yee (Piano) and YS Tang (Classical Guitar).
Early Bird (RM 40) until 6th April
Tickets can be purchased over at www.cloudjoi.com/shows/unquiet-thoughts
This project is supported by VerSeS Friends

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