AsingBersama started off as a virtual documentation by Kakiseni to archive the narrative of the Malaysian art community which was created during the Movement Control Order during Covid-19. Now, it is transformed into a resource centre for online materials to be accessed by all.

Wayang Jalanan

Bitesized wayang storytelling, told by Madam Sabera Shaik from Masakini Theatre Company on Facebook and Instagram.


Sang Kancil and the Tiger

Contemporary shadow theatre storytelling of a local folklore, told by Madam Sabera Shaik from Masakini Theatre Company.


ONZ Productions COVID-19 Interview Series

Malaysian production company ONZ Production is currently doing some videos with artist/producer/arts council committee

from different countries to share about the supports/the hardship they face during this critical time.

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Tong Ju 2.0

Come and watch the table read of William Yap’s latest script which is

the 2nd installment of the play <同居> . It is the very first draft

and he welcomes your thoughts to perfect the script!


The Self Isolation YumCha Session

19 April 2020, – 9pm Theatre: What’s Next? 

25 April 2020, 9pm Actors: Now How?

Performing arts practitioners gather for a yumcha session to talk about the direction of the local theatre scene during social distancing.


Storytime with Uncle Joe & Aunty Faridah

Storytime with Uncle Joe and Aunty Faridah features theatre pioneers

Joe Hasham OAM and Dato’ Dr. Faridah Merican reading

from well-loved picture books for children or those who are young at heart.


EMBRACE, Then & Now

Sutra Foundation goes through their archives, and reflects on their past productions, their processes involved and more.


Datun Julud Hornbill Dance Tutorial

Alena Murang teaches “datun julud” or ‘long dance’ in the Kenyah language. It is traditionally danced by a group of ladies on ceremonious occasions, by the Orang Ulu people of Borneo.


Chinese Instrument Demonstration FB Live Sim Teck Sing (Pipa)

25 March 2020, 8.30pm

A series of Chinese instrumental live shows on Facebook,

featuring different Chinese instrumentalist from Malaysia.


DOGS 人民公敵。現在進行式 / 群狗 Screening on Youtube

卜卜剧场 Pitapat Theatre’s DOGS which premiered in Taiwan’s

TuaTiuTian International Festival of Arts and NEVER performed in Malaysia!


Pengarahan Teater bersama Fasyali Fadzly

Bagaimana anda penyediakan diri sebagai seorang pengarah sebelum rehearsal bermula?

Ikuti kuliah livestream Fasyali Fadzly di Facebook beliau.


If you have an online performance, articles, or any materials that do not have an expiration date, we urge you to submit to be featured on AsingBersama