AsingBersama started off as a virtual documentation by Kakiseni to archive the narrative of the Malaysian art community which was created during the Movement Control Order during Covid-19. Now, it is transformed into a resource centre for online materials to be accessed by all.

Ibrahim Hussein ARKIB Short Documentary

A flashback into Ib’s journey as an artist, starting from his primary education up until his most prestigious award and recognition, as well as his contribution to the making of Ibrahim Hussein Museum and Cultural Foundation. These phases can be divided into 6 eras, from the 1950s to the 2000s.


Bicara Diplomasi Budaya : Arts Therapy For Special Needs Children

Arts Therapy For Special Needs Children
Oleh: YBhg. Profesor Emeritus Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Ghouse Bin Nasuruddin
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Arts therapy involves both the visual and performing arts that are used as a non-invasive rehabilitation tool for special needs children. The components of visual arts consist of painting and craft (molding plasticine clay, collage and montage) while In the performing arts the major components are of music, dance/movements and role play (drama therapy).
The arts for special needs children are applied for its therapeutic effects. While it may not be able to correct the disabilities, especially in children with cerebral palsy and autism, it could ameliorate them to create a feel-good felling and improve their quality of life and hopefully tap the internal healing energy to redress certain genetic imbalance. At the same time, it develops cerebral and physical co-ordination.


Bicara Diplomasi Budaya : What Is Cultural Diplomacy

Many governments, people, think that diplomacy is between countries, and managed by diplomats. Few realise that diplomacy is not just about countries negotiating on trade, politics and economics. Cultural diplomacy has been around for a long time; it has been used to introduce cultures and heritage to countries and their people as a way to create relationships. It is also a tool to expose a country’s arts and culture to other countries as a cultural exchange.



Rakaman daripada (Panggung Seni Tradisional 2018)

Kesenian Mek Mulung yang dipercayai berusia lebih 400 tahun ini telah diangkat dan diisytihar sebagai Seni Warisan Kedah pada 24 Oktober 2014 dan susulan pengisytiharan itu Kerajaan Negeri Kedah, dengan kerjasama beberapa pihak, kini dalam usaha mendapatkan pengiktirafan Pertubuhan, Pendidikan, Saintifik dan Kebudayaan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (UNESCO) untuk menjadikan kesenian Mek Mulung sebagai warisan dunia.


klpac Orchestra Tune from the East 東韻西樂

A recording klpac Orchestra Tune from the East 東韻西樂 staged on 5th – 7th July 2019 at Pentas 1, klpac

Conductor: LEE Kok Leong
Transcribed by YEO Chow Shern
Based on arrangement by LEE Che-Yi
Performed by klpac Orchestra

MPO Plays on : Digital Live Premiers – Serenade To Symphony

Beethoven 2020 resumes online as the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra welcomes you back to DFP for their first video concert series! Beethoven’s lively 4th Symphony will lift your spirits with playful themes and energetic brilliance – lively companions to Beethoven’s hallmark dramatic contrasts. Explore MPO’s intimate string sound in Elgar’s early jewel, the heartfelt Serenade for Strings. Naohisa Furusawa conducts.


Pantun & Dondang Sayang presented by JKKN Melaka

Pantun dan Dondang Sayang amat sinonim dengan masyarakat Melaka. Kebiasaan ia dipersembahkan dalam bentuk nyanyian diiringi oleh alat-alat muzik akordian, biola, rebana dan gong. Kekuatan persembahan Dondang Sayang terletak pada kecekapan dan kebolehan penyanyinya bersoal jawab pantun yang dijual.


Pendek dan Sedap

Pendek & Sedap adalah Projek Teater Mini anjuran Asterik Anak Seni buat mereka yang meminati seni penulisan. Projek ini mengandungi tiga fasa, dimana Fasa 1 adalah pengeluaran idea dan penghasilan cerita pendek.


Nusantara Fairy Tales with Heidi Shamsuddin

Follow this Youtube channel by author Heidi Shamsuddin as she tells stories about fairy tales from the Nusantara region, and all over the world.


Dikir Through The Lenses by ASK Dance Company

Inspired by dikir barat, a traditional folk song and dance from Kelantan, which uses repeated phrases of movements while telling a story. The nature of life is repetitious, a cycle that continues incessantly – until it ends.


Hymns of The Abandoned by ASK Dance Company

A dance film, presented by ASK Dance Company, as part of The Distance Project


Next New Wave

Next New Wave is an initiative aims to provide young Malaysian filmmakers an unprecedented platform to learn directly from renowned filmmakers in South East Asia region.


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