UNSEX ME is a devised play, looking at a few of Shakespeare’s notable works that was driven by women’s responses to the written conflicts. It is a cognitive reappraisal towards the recurring understandings and discussions regarding the role of women in Shakespearean plays.

This devised performance approaches four distinct women characters – Desdemona of Othello, Ophelia of Hamlet, Miranda of The Tempest, and Lady Macbeth of Macbeth, resulting in a physical representation of arguments as well as reservations, addressing their purpose and existence.

The use of selective physical manifestation is the axis to navigate the performer’s path in their creation of their individual contestation. This provocative play will invoke your conventional acceptance of how William Shakespeare portrays women’s contributions in his works.

UNSEX ME! Theatre Performance by School of The Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia

🌟DATE:27–29 Dec 2021
🌟DURATION:40 Minutes
🌟LANGUAGES:English, Mandarin

Click here to buy ticket: https://www.cloudtheatre.com/shows/unsex-me/

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