Travel with Mum

Praise restage “Travel with Mum”! “Travel with Mum” is beautifully told through a masked theatre play on the virtues of filial piety accompanied by folksy live music and inspired by the touching story of Wang Yi-Min who spent all his life with his mother in a village in Liaoning, China. The 74-year-old man takes his 99-year-old mother on a journey across China. Starting in Heilongjiang, they set off for Tibet on a 900-day journey that spans over 30, 000 kilometres. His mother, who had toiled her entire life for her family, has never travelled out of her rural hometown. The man is determined to fulfil his mum’s wish to see the beauty of the world while she still can. Together, they travel on a rickety tricycle, pedalling through rural villages and fast-paced cities, valleys and over hills. As they ride on, he discovers that staying by his mum’s side is the greatest reward he can give to both of them. Photo credit to Carson Tam

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