Tiada Cinta Selama Muda – film screening

Filem TIADA CINTA SELAMA MUDA [NO LOVE FOR THE YOUNG] akan ditayangkan pada malam tahun baru di @kongsikl

TIADA CINTA SELAMA MUDA (Ridhwan Saidi, 85 mins., 2020) ensembles a cast of theatre actors and non-actors to explore the meaning of love through movement-based performances for the camera. The film displays movements and conversations that were devised and improvised collectively and off the cuff during filming. There are no written characters but the performers are instinctively paired as couples to communicate stories in the film.

Friday, 31 Dec 2021 | 8.30 pm
entry by donation RM15

To register, head to Kongsi KL’s Instagram page @kongsikl

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