Attention: The show is in French subtitled in English

It’s 1977, Suzanne Pujol, is a player in the local high society, and the wife of a public figure who runs her life. Having been entrusted with the operation of his late father-in-law’s business, her husband is as autocratic with his family as he is with the workers of the umbrella factory Suzanne inherited. Becoming the victim of a health problem, he is ordered to absolute home confinement and Suzanne is forced to take on the role of acting head of the company, a responsibility she does not welcome, and that will in time, reveal her true personality….

The play was a huge success from the Premiere in 1980 and was played for over 5 years in France before being adapted in the United States under the title “A Little Family Business” and played in Los Angeles and New York in 1984. In 2010, François Ozon made a very freely adapted cinematographic version, with Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Fabrice Lucchini and Karine Viard.

The Kopi Théâtre amateur troop, made up of French expatriates in KL, aims to make you laugh at their presentation of ‘Potiche’. Reviving the comical style of the original authors and the groovy style of 1977, together with social issues that are again, relevant and current in 2019, ‘Potiche’ promises an evening of laughs and retro style to everyone.

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