Opium by Any Other Name

In the shadows of British Malaya, the Ghee Hin and Hai San wage their decades old grudge. Two families face off in 1890s Taiping, pit against each other amongst economic uncertainty and existential threats. In this chaos, two lovers find that their passions could make for the foundation of peace in Perak – but at what cost?
“Opium by Any Other Name” is the second entry in the Opium series by Tarrant Kwok. Thematically centred around the opium economy of Colonial Malaya, this play draws from classic tragedies – namely Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare – but bringing it down to a gritty, local temperament.
With characters portrayed by Shi Hoong, Celeste Low, Veronica Boh, Adry Nasution, Charles Roberts, and Dennis Lim – political drama, family honour, and women’s issues are presented in a gripping storyline whose conclusion is unassailably inevitable.


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