Masterclass Toon Boom Animation Storyboard Pro (with Toon Boom Associate Certification Exam)

Looking for opportunities to upskill or reskill in animation field while being certified towards animation career pathway or be certified as animation practitioner or professional in animation production globally?
Join the Toon Boom Animation Masterclass specially brought to you by Toon Boom Centre of Excellence ASWARA and Future Creative School, Faculty of Animation and Multimedia, ASWARA.The upcoming sessions are scheduled on* :
📌 14 – 16 December 2021 – Storyboard Pro (Animation Pre-Production)

📌10 – 14 January 2021 – Harmony Premium (Animation Production)

* These are two separate masterclass

To register, kindly confirm by registering online at : (we will contact you once you have filled in this Google Form for payment process)

Toon Boom is an industry leader in 2D animation, and has been used for many international 2D animation productions worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best. Discover what you can create with this exclusive masterclass session. ASWARA is the first government higher education institution in Malaysia that is a Toon Boom Centre of Excellence (COE). This will the the fourth series of our masterclass!

What you will get at the end of the course :
📍 Toon Boom Certified Associate (TCA) examination
📍 Certificate of participation by ASWARA
📍 Toon Boom Associate certificate (by Toon Boom Canada – only received by participants who passed the examination)
📍 To be recognised globally as Toon Boom educator, creative practitioner, professional animator or storyboard artist, or aspiring animator and students in the animation field


Toon Boom Animation Masterclass FAQs
How to Register?
Register at
What is the Toon Boom Certified Associate (TCA) certification?
Toon Boom certification is an industry recognized standard of excellence that provides a path for career advancement and the first step in becoming a Toon Boom Associate (TCA). TCA certification validates your working knowledge of Toon Boom software. Toon Boom certification is recognized around the world and the software is used for 2D animation production within industry practice.What is Toon Boom?
Toon Boom is an industry leader in 2D animation, and has been used for many international 2D animation productions worldwide (a quick Google and you’ll see list of mainstream animations done using Toon Boom!).

Why apply to be certified under Future Creative School, ASWARA?
Future Creative School, National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA) is a Toon Boom Centre of Excellence (COE) ( We are also Malaysia Board of Technologists’ (MBOT) Approved Training Provider (ATP). All MBOT Technologists, can redeem Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for MBOT as listed on MBOT (

If I register for this masterclass, when would the certifications be given?
Certificates of participation given upon completion. Whereas, Certificate of Toon Boom Certified Associate (TCA) will only be provided once successfully completing the examination on the last day of the masterclass.

Where can I contact for more details?
Further inquiries please email [email protected] or contact Dr. Bahizal Abu Bakar (016 – 3690449 / 03 – 2778 6042).

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