IF WALLS COULD TALK vol. 51 ft Salleh Ben Joned & Anna Salleh

Poets and poetry lovers, welcome to our 51st show! We are absolutely thrilled to announce this spectacular line up.


SALLEH BEN JONED is a prolific and treasured Malaysian poet, playwright, journalist and wordsmith. Highly active in the growing performing arts scene, he acted and wrote plays, and produced scripts both for movies and TV. In 1987, SBJ published his first book of bilingual poetry titled Sajak-Sajak Saleh: Poems sacred and profane. Sasterawan Negara [National Laureate] Muhammad Haji Salleh said publication of this book was “the most traumatic experience for the Malay literary scene”, lamenting that “…to Salleh, nothing is sacred”. SBJ, by the way, took this as a compliment. On the other hand, popular bilingual newspaper columnist and writer Adibah Amin said the work “explodes barriers between East and West, mind and feeling, the spirit and the flesh, the sacred and the profane”. She described SBJ as “a free spirit that rebels against deadening conventions in a passionate celebration of life”. So who’s right? If there’s one thing SBJ would insist on, it’s that people should be free to make up their own minds. Check out http://sallehbenjoned.blogspot.com.au/ for some of SBJ’s writings and information on his five books

ANNA SALLEH is a Sydney-based singer, guitarist and journalist and daughter of Salleh Ben Joned. She is one of Australia’s much-loved exponents of Brazilian jazz and other crossover music styles, well known for her captivating interpretations of songs that communicate beauty, sorrow, irreverence and joy – in whatever language. She has also made numerous appearances at KL’s No Black Tie over the years. Anna’s journalistic work appears mainly online via the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has degrees in science (decided to finish what her Abah didn’t) and journalism (kind of walking in the old man’s shoes), and a PhD in science & technology studies – which explores her special interest in the intersection between science and society. She produces the occasional radio documentary, including one about her own musical journey of discovery to Brazil – which actually all started when she was a child in KL and saw the film ‘Black Orpheus’ screened at Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia that was run by SBJ and his old mate Syed Alwi, among others.

DEEPSET is the modern day tale of sonic noise with music sensibility that touches the core of human values. Capturing the honest emotions portrayed in day to day trials & tribulations of our life, Deepset is the soundscape that taps the back of our senses with a definite resonance on what is actually happening around us and lets you be honest in displaying your truest feelings. This Petaling Jaya, Malaysia-based ensemble began in 2002 when a group of music lovers interested in instrumental sound projects discovered the independent rock era of the ’90s. Influenced by this era’s blending of harmonic phase and sonic experimentation, Deepset began an exploration of drifting compositions of the slightly sustained and light psychedelic sound. Performing at selected underground independent gigs in and around Kuala Lumpur, Deepset has grown a small but strong following of their sound and seeks to add to the instrumental scene with their newly released debut album titled “The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes” under KittyWu Records. Featuring: Lothfi (Guitar), Zubair (Guitar), Asshad (Bass) and Azwan (Drum)

Abigail Lim
Adelynn Lim
Ain Nabilah
Dashveenjit Kaur
Hajar Azam
Jack Malik
Lim Jih-Ming
Masumi Parmar
May Chong
Nur Nasuha Naharudin
Patricia Houéfa Grange
Pavithrah Sambu
Rosesyafiqa Baiduri Abd Razak
Yangyang Zhou


COVER CHARGE: RM20 (inclusive of one drink)
We would like to pay our featured acts and eventually afford to bring in other great poets of the world to our stage. Your donation will go a long way in helping the spoken word community do so. Gratitude to you.

1. Look for ENOTECA at Plaza Damansara. On the right side of the restaurant, you will see a stairwell, a Blue Light will be projected on the floor. Walk up the stairs, you will see Blue Elephant, keep walking upstairs, you will hear 60s music, you are close so keep walking up and you’ll see a huge banner saying GASLIGHT cafe. That would be the one.

2. Try WAZE or Google Maps to Gaslight Cafe.

3. If all else fails, call Han at 0178888845

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