The Damnsels Session: A Pre-Valentine Showcase

The Damnsels Session features six solo female singers or bands led by a lady-lead. We figured the performance scene is concentrated with men so we’d like to provide a platform for our shy-shy sisters to expose their talents. Enjoy the talents of these #Damnsels, with special appearances from musicians of your favourite bands — yes, we heard our girls are collaborating with other musicians. 😉

Since it’s Valentine’s Day Eve, we’d like to turn it up a notch. Besides serving great acoustic music to the audience, we also like to invite you to a night of mingling, and to those with partners, a night of sharing love. So welcome to our #HolyMinglemony! We have some pre-Valentines activities lined up between the acts especially for you.

Event details:
Date: 13th February 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 8.30 PM – 11.00 PM
Venue:  The Gaslight KL
Performers: Bella Latif, Tengku Suhaila, Diyana Chan, Farah Kamsari, Kasih Azhar, Shuuna

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