Set in a traditional Malaysian Indian household, “Amma Chellam” tells the coming-of-age story of 16-year-old Ajay, who has a special relationship with his mother, Amma. She is his best friend, and he is hers. However, their worlds come crashing down when Ajay is unceremoniously outed to his family. Ajay is now tasked with the huge challenge of learning to explore and accept his own identity without losing the one person who matters most to him; his mother.

“Amma Chellam” spotlights an uncomfortable reality for many queer Malaysian Indian kids, where coming out is almost always messy and painful – while also holding space for the perspective of their parents, whose actions often come from a place of love.

Written and performed in both English and Tamil (with surtitles!), “Amma Chellam” draws from the lived experience of numerous queer Malaysian Indians to navigate difficult conversations surrounding queer love, religious and cultural conflicts, and parental and community expectations.

Writer: Arjun Thanaraju
Director: Visshnu Varman
Producer: Khairi Anwar
Tech Director: Tarrant Kwok
Stage Managers: Cheah & Alisha Mogan
Production Manager: Ti Teng-Hui
Publicity and Social Media Manager: Emalina Zulaikha

Arjun Thanaraju
Vicky N
Naveen Raja

Special Appearance:
Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan (from Poochandi and Jagat)

90 minutes (approx.)
There will be no intermission.

– EARLY BIRD PROMO: RM45 until 15th July 2023

Ages 15+ and up.
Content advisory- sexual abuse, violence, graphic language, suicide.

No flash photography or videography during the show.

Audiences are advised to arrive 30 minutes prior to showtimes.


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