2080 – A Day in Kuala Lumpur

**2080 imagines a day in a life in future Kuala Lumpur through the lens of consumerism, mortality, relationships and home—What happens when there’s more wealth than natural resources? Will transhumanism be socially accepted? What is it to love in the future? Imagining a future Kuala Lumpur, narrated through the senses using projections, lights, installations and sound.

**2080 marks the first collaboration between 6 young artists, designers and theater practitioners. The project seeks to explore and develop alternative languages to performing and storytelling through experimentations with technical medium such as lights, projections, installations, sound and the manipulation of the space or set, in which the technical means above will take centrestage, in lieu of performers.

The year 2080 in Kuala Lumpur – 100 years since the internet was introduced to mankind and the birth of the information age. Computers are getting smaller. Digitizing information is a norm. Online social interaction is part of everyday life. What does humanity look like with the constant gathering of information in a day?

Ali Alasri, Bryan Chang, Izzat Azmi, Syamsul Azhar, Woon Siew Yin, Zak Azrs


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