Gerak Rupa Ubur Penyataan 1957 – 197329-Oct,2017 to 25-Feb , 2018

GERAK RUPA UBUR PENYATAAN 1958 – 1973 29 October 2017 – 25 Feburary 2018 Level 5 Curator’s Tour on 2 December 2017 at 3PM What does it mean to be modern? What shapes a modern experience? How [...]

  • Musical Theatre

    OlaBola the Musical presented by CIMB

    OlaBola The Musical is a story set in the 1980's during tumultuous economic times, about an unlikely team of footballers whose disagreements have left them with a streak of embarrassing losses. Personal issues have caused each of them to crack under pressure while the team slowly falls apart. They have only one chance left for internationa [...]

  • Exhibition

    Treasures of a Straits Chinese

    Treasures of a Straits Chinese is the long awaited solo art exhibition by Penang artist Tiffany Choong, held at the G Art Gallery in Penang.Exhibition Date : 1 February 2018 - 30 April 2018 Time : 9.00AM - 9.00PM Venue : G Art Gallery, G Hotel Gurney, Penang*Those interested to purchase the paintings, you can get assistance from the R [...]

  • Workshop

    KELAS LAKONAN #FirstTimeWorkshop

    KELAS LAKONAN : #FirstTimeWorkshop anjuran Revolution Stage1. Hanya untuk 20 orang pendaftar terawal yang berumur antara 15-19 tahun sahaja.2. Kelas pertama bermula pada 20 Januari 2018. Jam 2 petang hingga 5 petang. (3 jam). Tempat di Studio Revolution Stage, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur (Waze)3. Kelas hanya seminggu sekali dan hanya [...]

  • Theatre

    The Travellers: ADNI Islamic School 2018 Showcase

    ADNI Islamic School presents their 2018 Annual Theatre Performance,"THE TRAVELLERS"Presented by ADNI Theatre Production of ADNI Islamic School "(Allah,) The Originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, "Be," and it is."+++++++++​Syno [...]

  • Family/Children


    Roar is brought to you by Tunas Tari, in partnership with Maybank Foundation, to help create awareness on tiger conservation whilst showcasing the beautiful traditional dances from the realm of the animal kingdom such as Pelanduk Dance, Zapin [...]

  • Theatre

    Impossible Love: Two Plays on Love, Family and War by Refugees in Malaysia

    Geutanyoe Foundation and UNHCR proud to present Impossible Love, a double billed performance of two plays written, directed, and acted by refugee artists in Malaysia, each exploring the impact of war on love and family.Romeo and Juliet 2000+ by TheatreFugee, directed by [...]

  • Music

    Bosom Buddies

    Bosom Buddies Recital featuring Michelle HS Tan and Lynn Tan is a beautiful evening of musical theatre duets. Featuring songs from Chicago, Fame, Mame, The Colour Purple and many others.Programme will includeChicago - Nowadays Big River - You Oughta Be Here With Me Grey Gardens - Peas In A Pod Just So - Wait A Bit Little Women - Someth [...]

  • Comedy

    Sharul Weds Sharul

    Sharul Channa is back! And this time with a rib-tickling special, Sharul Weds Sharul. This one-woman, hour long show, is a hilarious take on Indian weddings, from couple hashtags, to the extensive wedding buffet, from Aunt Sunita to walking around the fire seven times for a promise of seven lifetimes.Come on down and watch Sharul as she marries [...]

  • Exhibition

    The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth

    Like a fine art gallery but with people instead.‘The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth’ is a new performance art style that I’M Entertainment is exploring.Curated by Ian Nathaniel and Dhinesha, this performance art will be themed MENTALHEALTH.As part of the instagram and facebook movement  [...]