Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa 2017-201815-Aug,2017 to 30-Nov , 2017

Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa is back! Calling all children aged 6 to 12! Draw YOUR Enikki themed ‘Here Is My Life’ and stand a chance to win a trip to Japan and represent [...]

  • Musical Theatre

    Antara 2 Zaman – Laila Majnun v Aku Kahwin

    Performing arts’ freaks, this one’s for you! BLOCK YOUR DATES, PEOPLE! Notorious Playhouse Production & The Prism presents “Antara 2 Zaman”! This is a show you do not want to miss! Why you may ask. Well, it’s cause you’re not only gonna get to enjoy one play, but you’re gonna get two! The Restaging of : Laila Majnun and [...]

  • Dance


    An intimate encounter of flamenco passion through song and music. Deep soulful singing, melodic guitars, the rhythmic pulse of the cajón, and fiery dancing from Flamenco Sin Fronteras showcase the heart and soul of flamenco. Flamenco Sin Fronteras is a community of flamenco lovers who believe that dance is more than an art form but a platform f [...]

  • Visual Arts

    Reality in its Double Bind: Emotional Signifiers in the Undercurrents of History

    SYMPOSIUM Reality in its Double Bind: Emotional Signifiers in the Undercurrents of History 9 & 10 Dec 2017 Level 5, ILHAM Gallery In collaboration with The Cube Project Space (Taiwan), Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space, Rumah Attap Library & Collective (Malaysia) Reality in its Double Bind is a two day symposium which brings together [...]

  • Workshop

    ILHAM Gift Shop: Bentuk-bentuk: Handmade Concrete Decor Workshop

    ILHAM Gift Shop Programme Bentuk-bentuk: Handmade Concrete Decor Workshop 2 DEC 2017, 11:00am–1:00PM Learn the tips and tricks on how to make your own concrete decor with us! This time around, it's all about the holiday season and what's more suitable than to make a lace-textured concrete? How cool is that! Learn how to do a white wash te [...]

  • Musical


    Losertown is a devised and original musical piece of theatre taking on the Hero(ine)’s Journey from The Call to Adventure to a tragi-comical stumble into the Belly of the Whale. Featuring award-winning (HK International Comedy Festival) and internationally touring (Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Intl Comedy Festival, Berlin, Bangkok, Oxford lol) [...]

  • Music

    Let’s Rock

    Get ready to rock your way into the New Year! Let’s Rock is set to shake things up in the music world with a concert of epic proportions. Headlined by Fuad of Kyoto Protocol fame, songstress Bihzhu and singer-songwriter Nick Davis, the trio will be backed by the klpac Symphonic Band, the 4-piece band led by Loh Ui Li and the 20-member Young Ch [...]

  • Theatre

    Erica’s Room

    “Erica’s Room”, is the story about Erica and Felicia, two cousins who are at times more frenemies than they are friends, but family is family, and Erica and Felicia need each other now more than ever. On a day that neither wishes to remember, through a past she wishes to forget, Erica will have to decide between the family she has defended, t [...]

  • Theatre

    TerryandTheCuz Presents Thicker Than Water (Development Showings)

    In countries all over the world, very different people share the same dream: The American Dream. They don’t just want to live like Americans: they want to BE AMERICAN. After decades of absorbing American pop culture, two Malaysian screenwriters set out to write the perfect American film but which is it? The liberal-arthouse-movie which America [...]

  • Visual Arts

    ILHAM Public Lecture: Contesting Careers of the Artwork and the Religious Icon in Contemporary India

    ILHAM PUBLIC LECTURE Guest Speaker: Tapati Guha-Thakurta 25 NOV 2017, 3:00pm Level 5, ILHAM Gallery The ILHAM Public Lectures, a series of lectures with renowned art historians and researchers, are part of ILHAM’s long-term aim to promote a greater understanding of modern and contemporary art. Through a number of talks that will be held ann [...]


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