HARTA, in Bahasa Malaysia, means wealth. But it is not about the wealth of land and water, nor forest and mines, nor flock and herd.

HARTA believes the true wealth of Malaysia lies in the collective cultural identity of its people, both past and present. Culture distinguishes a country. It nurtures a sense of belonging in the minds and hearts of its people. It helps people share a commonality. And by doing so, it enriches the soul of the country.

HARTA stands for HABIB, Malaysia’s premier jeweller, taking Action for the Revival of our Traditions and our Arts. Located in a 8,030 sq ft space in Ampang Point, it is a unique space that brings together Malaysia’s past and present through a Heritage Jewellery Museum and a contemporary Art Gallery, as well as a café, so that we may better understand, enjoy and appreciate our rich and diverse culture.


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