Wuwuming 無無明

Rhythm to awaken the soul
An artistic expression to face the abyss of desire.

After two years, the Souls Impact Percussion embarks on its new drum-dance theatre performance, Wuwuming (无无明), a rousing blend of drum, dance and theatre that inspired by The Heart Sutra.

Wuwuming is composed and directed by the Souls Impact Percussion Artistic Director – Cross Chin. In this exciting performance, the art of traditional and contemporary drumming performed by Souls Impact Percussion join forces with an astounding of contemporary dance, choreographed by Joyce Tan, guest musician Howz, beautiful visual by Soong Chi Fei and together with production team Checkmate Creative.

In 2016, Souls Impact Percussion has won the Best Production Values of the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2017 with its second concert Carpe Diem. For the last two years, driven by the soul’s desire to strike, ragging passion that lives through the percussive rhythm. They never stop exploring; then they focus on the theme Wuming, an artwork was created not out of ignorance, but from a sense of anger. In June 2017, Wuwuming premièred at Bukit Mertajam, Penang. It was from this journey of discovery, the 15 minute Wuwuming piece came to be and now extended to a 65-minute full length production, a piece that digs deeper into the theme of desire, yearning and struggle.

历时两年储备能量,灵魂震动鼓团带着更沉稳扎实的气魄,回归剧场呈献 《无无明》鼓舞剧场,於6月14日至17日假吉隆坡表演艺术中心第一舞台上演。继2016年发表作品《击时行乐》,相隔两年,灵魂震动创办人陈俊杰再度发表全新创作《无无明》,探讨各种欲念与挣扎。

陈俊杰一直是个愤怒的人,成立灵魂震动以来,也以愤怒推动打鼓的决心。他看见生活中的欲望捆绑,自己与别人的烦扰,创作路上的困惑重重,他想从迷雾中找到自己的路径,想禁断迷障与烦恼。就在这些纷扰杂音中,他心烦意乱的读一段《心经》:无无明。 亦无无明尽。 乃至无老死。 亦无老死尽。无苦集灭道。 无智。 亦无得。 以无所得得故。恍若当头棒喝,他突然了悟,周遭有太多无解的烦扰,他想厘清却深陷泥沼,他有太多的话想说,于是他写下最初的《无无明》,一首15分钟的曲目。从《心经》的启发上路,他把15分钟延展成更多的15分钟,最终完成了65分钟的《无无明》。

[ Venue ] Pentas 1, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

[ Tickets ] RM 68 (Concession) / RM 88 (Regular) / RM128 (VIP)

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