Woman – On – Man – On – Men

Presented by Suhaili Micheline and Kenny Shim with The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat

Pendatang Pampers
Choreography by Suhaili Micheline
This work explores different bodies ; body types of men dressed in corporate clothing, evoking a blend of the male masculinity but with the vulnerability of babies. A physical display of powerful-looking men packed with some theatrical elements, Pendatang Pampers reveals the ‘babyboss’ effect in an office environment depicting the current as well as history of events that has brought about a new wave of empowered youth, awareness and courage in people.

Wet Room
Choreography by Kenny Shim
Wet Room is a piece that is passionate, energetic and highly physical performance. Set in the male locker room, the piece plays with the peculiarity of male characteristics and behaviors whose awkward interactions resulting into compelling relationships. Wet Room also addresses the ego and masculinity ‘stripped naked’ when men finds solitude in quiet places. Sensitivity, power, tenderness, strength, speed, quietness, are the shades of the shadowed behavior each character explores in Wet Room.

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