We, The Singaporeans! (WTS!)

WTS! was created on TRDO’s annual company work platform – TRDO ACT.

The initial conceptualisation for WTS! started in June 2017. It premiered in January 2018 at Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre Rehearsal Studio. The idea behind this work came from a line that Ryan Tan encountered “I’m not Kiasu, I’m enthu.” Hence, WTS! in all aspects, zooms in on the most iconic trait in Singaporeans’ behaviour – kiasuism. Through WTS!, will give audience a good look and a good laugh at the daily behaviours before challenging them to have a good thought about the intention behind it. There is definitely more than one way to see kiasuism but more often than not, the number of beneficiary is still subjected to number of resource.

“Through witty movements and with a troupe of skilled dancers, Ryan Tan has crafted a thoroughly enjoyable phantasmagoria of a key element of the Singaporean condition, pushing his dancers to their full potential with his demanding choreography. As the cast come together in a happy ending and find a final, creative solution to the chair problem, one feels as if TRDOco has done something similar in making contemporary dance less of a daunting form, yet no less powerful in its message and spellbinding in its visual splendour.”
– Bakchormeeboy (Singapore Lifestyle & Arts Platform)

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