Triple Bill Of Contemporary Dance Works 2018


Triple Bill of Contemporary Dance Works

choreography by Kenny Shim & Collective

Venue : Blackbox, Damansara Performing Arts Center
Performance Duration: 120 minutes with 2 intermissions

1.Winged Wolves and the Bamboo Mew 
2.Pieces of Three Movements
Music by Onn San
Costume by Man Chien
Multimedia by Wee Jia Foong
A performance of three (3) contemporary dance works – two (2) of which are newly crafted; Winged Wolves and the Bamboo Mew & Pieces of Three Movements and one (1) a re-stage; Rite.Winged Wolves and the Bamboo Mew, an original choreography by Kenny Shim. Winged Wolves and the Bamboo Mew initiates it’s creative process by using Frühlings Erwachen; Spring Awakening, as a catalyst. 
Spring Awakening is Frank Wedekind’s most popular play and one of seminal dramatic works of late 19th century literature. It depicts the struggles of a group of pubertal adolescents trying to come to terms with their burgeoning sexual desires. The subtitle of the play reads ‘Eine Kindertragödie’ (‘A children’s tragedy’). The tragedy of the adolescents depicted in the play lies in the fact that they are left alone with their questions, their doubts, their longings and their feelings of guilt by their parents and teachers, in some cases with fatal consequences. Wedekind attacks the disciplinarian and prudish society of his day, which is depicted as doing considerable harm with its attempt to cover up and suppress sexual desires. 
Pieces of Three Movements, an original choreography by Kenny Shim & Lee Jia-Xi. Multimedia by Wee Jia Foong. This piece is a collaborative project between the MEDIA art and DANCE art. The core explore is to test the visual state of being. The embodiment of what is seen, sight and the poetics of the screen and body.Rite, a re-stage choreography by Kenny Shim. Rite is a piece created to challenge the idea of masculinity. The piece itself is framed within the idea of rite of passage. 

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