The Vine

The Vine is planted and nurtured by our loving teachers and hard-working students. In just a few months, the most important fruits – love, joy, patience, and many more – have grown, and you are invited to harvest them.

Scene 1.Love
Teaching the students to treat one another kindly and be willing to give. They are encouraged to lend a helping hand to those in need and all our dear teachers also bear this kind of loving spirit to act as a good example. 
Scene 2. Joy
Dancing Ballet can always bring us joy and a sense of satisfaction, because we devote our emotion into the music as well as movements. During our dance, we become exhilarated and get totally absorbed into the dance.  
Scene 3.Patience
Patience and endurance are the qualities that all dancers must possess. It demands long period of tough training to become a good dancers. Dancers may even get hurt due to vigorous practice and the more composed they need to be during such difficult time. When you are having competition, you should focus on the process and interaction with other dancers. Be humble when you are the winner and stay persevering even you lose.  
Scene 4. Goodness
Children are cherished as they are pure and innocent. Most of our students have started dancing since a very young age. Under the nourishment of our teachers, we hope each of them continue to thrive while bearing an innocent heart. 
Scene 5  Gentleness
Tender and humble is the attitude we should bear, only compassion will allow us to accept the unlovable people. Moreover, it is because of sympathy that we can understand others growing pain and not to be get irritated easily. All of the said qualities are what a mature person should present, and our loving Jesus Christ is the exact prototype for us to learn from.
Scene 6.  Faithfulness
Faith is one of the important factors that will affect a dancer’s performance. Therefore, we encourage our students to step onto the stage with faith as this is utmost important. Besides, uniting all teachers and students, advocating the spirit of faith is always the vision of our school. As God always showers us with immense grace and blessings, hence the flag resembling the glory of our King Jesus Christ will be hoisted during the 10thAnniversary performance. 
Scene 7.  Peace
Both our physical body and soul need peace. To ensure our student’s limbs which are their great assets are well protected, our school provides the best facilities. Besides, all teachers stay attentive to the students’ emotion status, giving them care and comfort, in order to help students feel relieved and focus on their training.
Scene 8.  Self-Control
The world is now overflowing with wide array of seduction and distraction. Many youngsters thereforeindulge in materials, delicacy, computer games, sex etc. There is a sink in morality as bad competition, stripping of authority; lying and gossiping are very common nowadays. Our school teachers understand the students are still young and fresh, sometimes it may be difficult for them to distinct good and bad, we therefore strive hard to emphasize on moral training, helping our students to retain self-control.
Scene 9 Kindness
Parents should instill the quality of kindness to their children. We should treat others kindly, refuse to be calculating, willing to care for those in needs, bear a kind heart, speak positively and do good deeds.

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