The Magnificent Seven

An action-packed program awaits as conductor Gerard Salonga and the MPO present a collection of the greatest blockbusters of all time! Replay favorite scenes from the intriguing Pink Panther, suave James Bond and epic Titanic as soundtracks by Hollywood’s top film composers keep you at the edge of your seats! Featuring the music of James Horner, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, and Henry Mancini.


Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Gerard Salonga, conductor
Jaclyn Victor, vocals


BERNSTEIN The Magnificent Seven Overture
MORRICONE Cinema Paradiso
MORRICONE A Fistful of Dollars
HORNER Titanic Suite


MANCINI Pink Panther
MANCINI Moon River
BARRY Diamonds are Forever
BARRY You Only Live Twice
BARRY Goldfinger Theme
ZIMMER Gladiator
ZIMMER Selections from Man of Steel
ZIMMER The Dark Knight Rises
SCHIFRIN Mission Impossible Theme

Duration: Approximately 2 hrs (with 20 mins intermission)


RM218    RM288    RM338    RM398
Suite Seat: RM518/seat

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