The Hungarian Dances

Through the violinist Reményi, Brahms discovered Hungarian music – captivating him with the driving rhythms and whirling melodies of gypsy travelling bands. Originally composed for piano duet, the Hungarian Dances were one of the greatest hits of his time. MPO principal Alexander Lenkov performs Weber’s lyrical and virtuosic Bassoon Concerto. An innovative orchestrator, Weber’s brilliant Oberon Overture is romantic grandeur at its best. Naohisa Furusawa conducts.


Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Naohisa Furusawa, conductor
Alexandar Lenkov, bassoon


WEBER Oberon Overture
WEBER Bassoon Concerto
BRAHMS Hungarian Dances No. 1, 3, 10
BRAHMS Hungarian Dance No. 4
BRAHMS Hungarian Dance No. 7
BRAHMS Hungarian Dances No. 6, 5

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Suite: RM300.80/seat

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