绿精灵剧团2019年重点呈献-戏剧《那扇門》The DOOR

制作与呈献单位 Produced and presented by:
绿精灵剧团 Greenhopper Theatre

演出日期与时间 Show date and time:
14 Nov 2019 (Thu) 8pm
15 Nov 2019 (Fri) 8pm
16 Nov 2019 (Sat) 3pm | 8pm
17 Nov 2019 (Sun) 3pm | 8pm

演出地点 Show venue:
Now Theatre
(B1-28-, 1, Jalan 11/108c, Taman Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.)

演出票价 Show admission:

票务热线 Ticketing hotline:
011 5111 4775

Watching session:

*LIMITED SEAT for each session.

演出类型 Show genre:
戏剧 Theatre

演出对象 Target audience:
青少年/成人 Teenager/Adult

演出时长 Show duration:
90 minutes

演出媒介 Show language:
华语 Mandarin
(With English subtitles)


‘Seeing doors after doors before me,
some of these were unveiled and some were concealed,
perhaps there were a few for my eyes only.’
A theatre performance with FOUR stories about doors, waiting to be opened.
《那扇門 The Door 之 丹尼尔·程 Daniel Chen》
Daniel Chen,一个28岁青年,是化妆品柜台副销售经理。自13岁母亲病逝之后,他没有再打开过这扇门……
A 28-year-old young man working as an assistant sales manager at a cosmetics counter.
— His mother passed away when he was 13. He had not opened the door ever since.

Daniel returned home, at the instruction of his sister, to pack a bag for his father who is now hospitalised. He opens the door to his father’s room and is overwhelmed by the pungency of medicinal massage oil. He reacted by dousing the air with perfume he carries in his bag and tries to spray away the odour. His father’s slightly disorganised room repulsed him and he wanted to spend as little time as possible there. Only a bag needed to be packed. Upon opening the closet, random things fell in front of him. He was suddenly filled with an urge to throw them away like his sister had. As he moved them to the bin, memories emerged……
《那扇門 The Door 之 林爱莉校长Principal Lim Ai Lee》
A recently retired principal of a secondary school .
— To anyone else, she is admirable…

Madam Lim Ai Lee’s husband had a stroke two years ago and his brain function was severely affected. He now needs round the clock supervision and medical care.
After chaperoning prom, the president of the student council sent them home. As the door shuts, she sank into the sofa. Just as she took off her heels, she suddenly recalled that the nurse had taken a 3-day leave.
She then rose from the sofa and began tidying the house. She had to give her ill-stricken husband a wash before bed. She looked at him then put on a CD of her favourite tenor. With much effort, she moved her husband into the bathroom. She carried him and sat him down on the chair to wash him. She stripped him to wipe his body clean then she summoned all her strength to…
《那扇門 The Door 之 Teresa》
A mother who is 5 months pregnant.
— She doesn’t have the courage to step out of the door, she wouldn’t even dare run away from home…

Teresa is an expecting mother in her 2nd trimester. Her daily chores was to ensure she carries the baby well, and to prepare food for her husband who loves her very much. She is a prisoner in her home because of her agoraphobia. Her husband would have to buy everything and bring them home. For a very long time, she has not left her home, and not open the front door….
After her husband leaves for work, she decides to bake a strawberry cake for him. Baking the cake gave her a lot of joy and the house was filled with the sweet smell coming from the oven. Suddenly, she discovered that there were no more strawberries at home. At the same time, the fruit vendor was passing by, and had some juicy strawberries in the cart. She started feeling uneasy, as she was struggling to leave the house, but was held back by her fear. At last, she thought of a replacement for the strawberries, but was rejected by the ‘cake’…
《那扇門 The Door 之 老人与小孩》
A wise old man and a fearless child.
— You just need to open the door…

The old man stumbled upon a special door. No matter how hard he tried, he could not open it. The child, however, opened the door easily. The old man decided to inspect this special door in all corners, but he found no clues on how to open it. It was effortless for the child.
On this day, the old man had decided not to try, and he waited patiently for the child to open it…..


制作人 Producer :陈志坚 Chee Ken
艺术总监 Artistic Director :吕俊霖 Grace Looi

行政部 Admin
宣传 Publicity :陈志坚 Chee Ken
票务 Ticketing:陈志坚 Chee Ken
平面设计 Graphic Designer :吕俊霖 Grace Looi

舞台部 Stage
舞台监督 Stage Manager :邹真昱 Jesnie Chow
助理舞监 Assistant SM :梁韡航 Magnus Leong
灯光设计 Lighting Designer :李明杰 Eagle Lee
灯光执行 Lighting Operator :李明杰 Eagle Lee
音乐设计 Music Designer :陈志坚 Chee Ken
音乐执行 Sound Operator :梁韡航 Magnus Leong
布景设计 Set Designer:吕俊霖 Grace Looi
造型设计 Costume Designer :吕俊霖 Grace Looi
道具执行 Props Operator:廖国贤 Henry Liaw、杨思敏 Si Min
字幕翻译 Translator:罗传力 Eric Loh
字幕执行 Subtitle Operator :罗传力 Eric Loh

演出部 Performing
导演 Director:吕俊霖 Grace Looi & 吴国煌 Sunny Ng
编剧 Playwright :吕俊霖 Grace Looi & 吴国煌 Sunny Ng
助导 Assistant Director: 游胜贺 Bryan Yeo

演员 Actors :
陈志坚 Chee Ken
赵伟斌 WeiBin
廖芮立 Callyn Leow
郑雨萍 Paige Chan
游胜贺 Bryan Yeo
李杰承 JC Lee
洪慧欣 Evelyn Ang

客串演员Guest Actor:

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