Spring Fest 2024

In response to the enthusiastic call of the public, DPAC has relaunched the much-anticipated ‘Spring Fest’ event after a three-year hiatus. This ‘Spring Fest 2024’ will take place for 2 days from February 24th to 25th, bringing you a joyful and artistic feast for the Chinese New Year. Six performing art groups have been invited to collaborate and create a poetic spring symphony together.
In addition to a series performances, DPAC also hosts various Chinese New Year activities such as the “Lantern Riddle” and the “Spring couplets give-away” written by renowned calligraphers.
We sincerely invite all of you to join us in celebrating the year of Dragon.

To recreate the joyful atmosphere of traditional New Year celebrations, this year’s program is even more diverse, bringing together dance, music, vocals, Cantonese opera, lion dance, and diabolo performances. The exciting lineup includes Jeff Chua (Traditional Cantonese Opera), DiAbolution (Diabolo), The Guzheng Academy (Chinese Orchestra), Dua Space (Contemporary Dance), FrhythmS Percussion (Percussion), and the powerful lion dance of ZiXuanGong ShiYuan Lion & Dragon Dance Association.

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