Southeast Asia: Coming of Age II

In Hirokazu Koreeda’s ‘I Wish’, a grandfather wishing to resume his business of selling Karukan cakes, adds granulated sugar to his recipe in order to intensify the cake’s sweetness, presumably to adapt to modern taste buds. A while later, his friend suggests that he does a seasonal version of the Karukan cake by dying them pink (the colour of cherry blossoms) to go with Spring. His refusal is adamant. He says, ‘As a craftsman, there are some compromises I cannot make.’

This month, we situate the ‘Coming-of-Age’ theme within these posturing and jostling of values, of giving and taking. As Southeast Asia capitulates to modernity and as she wades her way through the murky waters of post-colonialism, these films find their place. They question the very fact of ‘coming-of-age’ in their respective locales and contexts, if it is possible and what it entails.

They are in themselves, a ‘coming-of-age’ in the making as they maneuver and meander through nostalgia and memories, breaking away from conventional form of visual storytelling, and as they scrutinize their contemporaries with suspicion and incertitude, opening up a new horizon for discrete voices to set in their searches for identities.


Years When I Was A Child Outside(Taon Noong Ako’y Anak Sa Labas) / John Torres / 2008 / The Philippines / 100 mins

Postcards From The Zoo(Kebun Binatang) / Edwin / 2012 / Indonesia / 95 mins

Jungle Love / Sherad Anthony Sanchez / 2012 / The Philipines / 85 mins

Mukhsin / Yasmin Ahmad / 2006 / Malaysia / 95 mins

Year Without A Summer / Tan Chui Mui / 2010 / Malaysia / 87 mins

Goodbye Boys / Bernard Chauly / 2006 / Malaysia / 88 mins

Flower in the Pocket / Liew Seng Tat / 2007 / Malaysia / 97 mins

Vertical Ray of the Sun / Trần Anh Hùng / 2000 / Vietnam / 112 mins

Lips to Lips(Hanya Bibir) / Amir Muhammad / 2000 / Malaysia / 98 mins

Programmed by Chloe Yap Mun EeElise Shick ChongKeenen YongWeijie Lim and Dr. Norman Yusoff.

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