so happy i could die

In a twisted world set in between life and afterlife,
choices are made with unexpected consequences.

so happy i could die is an immersive and participative theatrical event where audiences collectively decide on the actions of the Protagonist as they encounter Death. Will they come to terms with the end of their life or will they avoid it like a plague? Can happiness, fulfilment, and acceptance go hand-in-hand with an impending expiry date?

This project came about from the production team’s introspections on the moments of intense happiness from their lives. They wonder if the euphoria they’ve experienced in these fleeting moments is the pinnacle of their existence — would they have had any regrets if their journey on Earth ended right then and there?

Outside performance hours, the set, designed by Jun Ong and Wee Jia Foong, will transform into an exhibition where audiences get a closer and more intimate look at the project’s world and themes. Audiences are invited to engage, interact, and immerse themselves with the design beyond the parameters of performance. Entrance to this exhibition is FREE.

Exhibition Details
Thursday–Friday, 10th–11th August, 10.00 am–5.00 pm
Saturday–Sunday, 12th–13th August, 10.00 am–1.00 pm

Content Warning 
so happy i could die explores themes of death, violence, and sexuality. The show contains depiction of physical violence and suicide. Loud sounds, bright light, strobe light, darkness, and fog are used. Viewer discretion is advised. For mature audiences.

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Tickets to all Theatresauce’s productions this year are RM55 (Regular), RM45 (Bulk Purchase of 4 tickets), and RM35 (Bulk purchase of 10 or more tickets for university/college students only. Email [email protected] for details.) Tickets can be bought here:

Performance Time Change
Evening performances begin at 8.00 pm and not the company’s standard time of 8.30 pm, to make way for the second performance at 9.30 pm. Matinees remain at 3.00 pm.

What’s Next? 
Theatresauce 2023 season’s final production, SISYPHUS, directed by Tung Jit Yang, will play in the Rooftop Theatre in Sunway College, September 7th–10th.
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