Singing To The Lions- To Revenge Or To Forgive


A girl, from another world was trying to find out who she was. She did not know that her life has been taken by the fierce and violent lions (representing the bullies). She came back to life to find out how and why that happened. Through her journey of discovering who the real bullies were, she found out that her friends and the families were also affected by those bullies. These stories are inspired by the real bully cases which had happened in Malaysia for the past 5 years. By the end of the journey, the girl discovered that the only way to truly let go was to…

Acknowledgement to George Town Festival, Think City, Teach For Malaysia Alumni Board, Sastra Education Development & Ministry of Education (Malaysia).

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“Singing to the Lions: A performance Art Project on Bullying” is an initiative by Teach For Malaysia Alumnus, Soonufat Supramaniam. He wants to inspire his students to learn more about performance, and to bring the opportunity to perform for a wider audience to them. It is a six-month long leadership and transformational journey for his students from performing in rural schools to eventually performing in the George Town Festival. This year, his students want to raise the awareness of bullying. He deeply believes his students can find their voice and confidence authentically through the performance arts.

To help to make this possible, we are also running a crowdsourcing platform to raise RM6,740 in 60 days. Click here ( for more details. For every RM1 raised, Actyvate will match with another RM2!

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