Embark on a magical journey through the realms of Middle-earth with EURYTHMY THEATRE production of “The Lord of the Rings”!

Join us as we delve into the timeless themes of friendship, the battle between good and evil, the perils of power, the essence of nature, and the quest for spiritual wisdom. Guided by a master storyteller, we’ll follow Frodo on his epic quest to destroy the One Ring in the fiery depths of Mount Doom. Along the way, we’ll encounter the enigmatic Black Riders, the curious Sméagol, the wise Treebeard, the legendary Gandalf, the mysterious Strider, and a host of other beloved characters.

EURYTHMY, an art form born in 1920, merges seamlessly with the power of drama to breathe life into this epic tale. Our unique fusion of music, movement, and speech will transport you to the heart of Middle-earth like never before.
Even if you’re new to the world of Tolkien, fear not! Our condensed rendition of “The Lord of the Rings” remains accessible to all, while die-hard fans will relish a fresh perspective, immersed in the beauty of EURYTHMY and the focal point of Frodo’s journey into the LAND OF SHADOW AND DARKNESS.
Curious about Eurythmy? It’s an art that weaves harmonious movement, music, and speech into a breathtaking tapestry of expression. Every gesture conveys words, emotions, and the essence of nature, offering a transformative experience for both performers and the audience.

Cast & Creative Info:
DRAMA DIRECTOR: J. Peter Schmidt

MAIN CAST & CREW: High School Students from Class 12 & Class 10 of Sasana International School, supported by students from Class 9 and Class 4.
Tickets are available now at Don’t miss the chance to embark on this incredible adventure!

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