Shadow In The Sun

Shadow   in   the   Sun    Devised   by   Kate   O’Mara

Directed   in   Malaysia   by   Zahim   Albakri  

This    November   8,   9,   10,   11,   12   –   16,17   and   18,   DPac   (Damansara    Performing   Arts   Centre)   will   be   the   venue   of   an   intense   dramatization   of   the    events   leading   to   the   execution   of   Mary   Queen   of   Scots.  Royal  cousins,   Rival   Queens,   Mortal   Enemies      ‘Shadow   in   the   Sun’   is   a   must   see   show   gathering   a   highly   talented   ensemble.    Mary   Queen   of   Scots     (Sarah   Shahrum)   and   Elizabeth   I   (Susan   Lankester)   the    Virgin   Queen   of   England   play   out   one   of   the   most   notorious   events   in   history.      The   lives   and   deaths   of   these   royal   cousins   were   bound   together   in   a   tangled   web    of   bloodlines,   courtly   intrigue   and   political   maneuvering.

This   dramatization   is    based   on   historical   documents,   letters,   reported   speech   and   contemporaneous    accounts.      The   best   of   homegrown   talent,   remarkable   set   designer   Raja   Malek   and    costumier   to   the   stars   Melinda   Looi   bring   this   ‘Game   of   Queens’   to   life   and    ultimately   death.    Award   winning   Dato’ Zahim   Albakri   directs   the   breakdown   of   this   uneasy    relationship   through   their   cordial,   yet   duplicitous   exchanges.      Elizabeth   kept   Mary   her   captive   for   nineteen   years   and   their   relationship   was   to    dominate   English   and   Scottish   politics   throughout   this   period.      Until   the   very   end,   Elizabeth   and   Mary   were   never   to   meet.   Even   at   Mary’s   trial,    an   empty   throne   signifies   Elizabeth’s   remote,   magisterial   authority.


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Due   to   enormous   interest,   Shadow   in   the   Sun   will   also   be   staged   in   Penang    Penang   Performing   Arts   Centre

November   22   &   23    [email protected]

TICKET   BOX   OFFICE:   04   899   1722/   2722

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