Saya Anak Malaysia (Baru)

New government, new aspirations and an unfathomable future. Milo, politics, football conversations at a mamak stall. A petty trader selling time travel watches is peddling his wares to four friends. Through the magical powers of the watches, they travel from the present, to the future, the past and back again, transported into the vortex of time, witnessing pre-independence hopes, racial disharmony and 21st century aspirations.

This is an original theatrical play using creative concepts and techniques to make the familiar strange and provoke a social-critical audience response. Patriotism is in the air. Join us to celebrate a new Malaysia.

18th July 2018 (Wed). 3pm & 8pm showtime. The Experimental Theatre @ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. Tickets are FREE! First come first seat basis. Reserve your seats early [email protected]

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