Samudra – The Dance Drama

This dance drama production centres on the great ancient kingdom of Kalinga in Eastern India. Two thousand years ago, this kingdom, today known as Orissa, was flexing its naval might into the Indian Ocean and further beyond. Its ancient mariners who undertook these epic voyages inevitably introduced their language, culture, arts, scriptures and customs to the peoples with whom they traded.

This show is a fictional glimpse of what transpired during on of these voyages – as seen and recounted by Navin, the Captain of the ‘Maha Boita’, who is on his final voyage after a decades long career as a mariner and trader. Interwoven into his narrative is his passion for the sea (his ‘mistress’), his devotion to his beloved wife Dewi and a memorable encounter with Wayan, a Balinese youth who is desperately seeking greater knowledge and adventure.

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