ProSA Mania: SUARA

ProSA Mania is a collaborative platform that includes most of the theatrical elements such as singing, dancing, live band, animation and video to create a theater performance. It also acts as a platform for us students of the Foundation Studies in Creative Arts from Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) to display our skills and talents before entering Degree.

SUARA tells the journey of 3 individuals from different walks of life who have to face various hardships and challenges in order to realize their dreams in the creative field. Furthermore, SUARA also highlights the negative stigmas associated with creative careers, Autism awareness as well as the importance of family.

SUARA is mainly presented in Malay and English with the incorporation of a few Cantonese and Tamil lines that showcases Malaysia’s nature of being a melting pot of cultures.

Ticket Prices:
Public: RM 10
Student: RM 5

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Shazwani – 018-9830060
Aliah – 017-2779323

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