Prosa Mania ’19 : Reboot!

ProSA Mania is a collaborative platform that includes most of the theatrical elements such as singing, dancing, live band, animation and video to create a theater performance. It also acts as a platform for us students of the Foundation Studies in Creative Arts from Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) to display our skills and talents before entering Degree.

REBOOT! tells Shafiq made a mistake while on stage. The famous theater director,
Kak Sis had to stop training to reprimand the mistake. After giving
reprimand, all actors are asked to rest before re-training in 10
minutes. At that time, Shafiq had entered his dressing room and was pulled into the Kota Tambar. In Kota Tambar, Shafiq needs to defeat the Raja Serakah to return to the world
origin. This show is inserting element of play within play and surprise.

Ticket Prices:
Public: RM 10
Student: RM 5

Tickets are all Walk-in.

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