On! Raku!

This performance includes the top talent from Japan and Malaysia jamming towards the big feast of the year!

Presented by Malaysia leading jazz band WVC Malaysian Jazz Ensemble collaborate with one of the leading Japanese jazz guitarist, Isao Miyoshi and two notable Japanese musician Yurie Nejime and Tomohiro Yahiro will showcase a different dimension of jazz music.

‘On’ the word that means to start, and Raku (らく) in Japanese translate as being joyful and relaxing. This “On! Raku!” undoubtedly, is the hope to start audience’s joy through jazz.
Although different lifestyles, cultures, and environments may break us apart, the casual use of jazz can connect all cultures of uncommon kind. The spirit of jazz can be defined through constant communication, mutual understanding and respect.
The performance will showcase their works from the past, plus new materials that they are developing, and co-creating, merging Asian sensibilities into Jazz.

RM55.00 (Normal)
RM50.00 (Dcard Holder)

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