Night Mother by Marsha Norman

“Night, Mother” directed by Pat Gui

“The barrel has to be clean, Mama. Old powder, dust gets in it…”

About ‘Night, Mother’ by Marsha Norman.

Jessie Cates, an unemployed epileptic with a failed marriage and a deeply troubled son, tells her mother, Thelma, that she plans to kill herself before the night is over. Thelma tries to convince her daughter, life is worth living, but Jessie remains resolute.

“I would like to acknowledge Cendana for making this production possible. Also 5Arts Centre for making your space free for us struggling thespians. We need more corporations to help the performing arts industry and hopefully more would follow suit in your steps, especially during times like now. Every bit helps and I truly appreciate this and am thankful from the bottom of my heart. Special acknowledgement to “you know who you are”.” Said


Anitha Abd Hamid as Jessie
Sukania Venugopal as Mama

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