My Shadow and Me

Making use of shadows and reflections to provide interesting and engaging shows for audiences mainly children and families. Hand shadow is an ancient puppet show, probably as old as humanity. In the hands of Drew Colby, art forms are the source of comedy, beauty, and miracles.
“My Shadow and Me” brings together drama, music, shadow magic with Drew Colby maximises his hands to give “life” to objects and led the audience to a trip of fantasy.

Presented by Drew Colby (UK)
Drew has worked with puppets for over 30 years. He began with glove puppets and marionettes at the age of 12, whilst at school in Namibia, performing regularly at functions.
His hand-shadow shows have been featured in television programmes such as BBC and Channel Four. He also created shadow sequences for B&Q, Nintendo, Lodotra, Suso and Sainsburys.

RM55.00 (Normal)
RM50.00 (Dcard Holder)
RM40.00 (Student/Children)

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