Las Pequeñas Cosas

The Concert is composed by an original program, with the best Hits of the Spanish flamenco and classical music. During the concert, Úrsula solo, accompanied by Javier Patino’s guitar, Raul DomÍnguez’s percussion and the voice of Gema Caballero, will let you see his purest dance looking for those “little things” that touch our soul and move us, where we find simplicity, the most basic, the truth.
For an hour and a quarter we will travel through different landscapes with only one common thread, the dancer herself. Those simple things. Simple things of the heart. Things that give birth to life, avoid sadness, Things that come from the heart

Presented by: Embassy of Spain & Úrsula López Dance Company

Tickets: RM 100 | RM 80 | RM 60

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