Journey to the West: Monkey King VS the Red Boy

Presented by Ming Yuk Feng (Penang)

Founded in 1930s, led by the third-generation descendant Madam Ooi, whom is 66 years old and yet to put down her puppets, but still continues to lead a group of puppet masters to perform around Malaysia.

One of the famous story in the Journey to the West where Monkey King battle the Red Boy, the son of the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan to save his master San Zang monk from being eaten.


Red Boy, the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fans son had cultivated his physical and mental capacities and pollessed magic abilities. With powerful magics he always had the idea of eating the meat of Sanzang, the Tang Priest (whose meat could make creatures live longer) to lengthen his life. One day while he was watching in the sky, he saw Sanzang and his disciples coming from afar. He knew that the disciples had excellent fighting skills, so he planned to capture Sanzang by making use of the priest’s kindness and muddled mind, rather than use force. At a spot just ahead of where Sanzang and his group were, Red Boy turned himself into a boy of seven and hung himself on the top of a tree with his hands and feet tied with a rope and cried for help. The Tang Priest heard the boy’s cries and asked Monkey to release him. Monkey, seeing that the boy was actually a demon in disguise, told his master not to bother. Sanzang got angry, and he asked Pig to bring the boy down from the tree; he ordered Monkey to carry he boy on his back. As they started to go, Red Boy jumped into mid-air, leaving behind a false Red Boy for Monkey to carry.

To kidnap Sanzang, Red Boy hurled a whirl of wind at him. Sanzang disappeared.
Monkey knew this was done by the demon and he asked Pig and Friar Sandto look after the luggage and he hurried to the Huofang Cave in the Withered Pine Valley to look for his master. A fierce battle ensued between Monkey and Red Boy. Knowing it is impossible to defeat Monkey, Red Boy Spurted three types of flames which were so powerful even the Dragon King could not put out….

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