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Ingatan tells the story of an unforgettable memory – a son interacting with his father, who has dementia. The father can only remember certain things about family and his past, but nothing about his son. This is an incredibly difficult experience for the son, who learns, as we the audience learn, that we can often choose what we want to remember – but not what we want to forget.

Ingatan is an iPuppad theatre – a hybrid of puppetry and iPad. Written and directed by Fasyali Fadzly, it talks about memories in the old days, and how we place our memories to a certain object, place or thing.

Fast forward to today – in our modern era of technology, we store our memories in different formats and systems. The use of computer memory is replacing our way of remembering. The utilisation of a puppet with an iPad head is a symbol of our world in this theatrical performance. The show is a commentary to the modern day gesture of remembrance.

The show was previously staged in Tokyo for an Asean-Japan Program at Za-Koenji Public Theatre in October, as well as ASWARA in Kuala Lumpur, in November.

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Photo credit: Katsu Miyauchi

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