In Memory of YaoLee – Her Songs, Her Life. By Yang Wei Han

: 杨伟汉作品




除了自传,杨伟汉也为姚莉创作一部音乐剧。2012 年6 月,在马来西亚演出十场,场场爆满。姚莉更亲自从香港飞往马来西亚出席观赏每一晚的演出。

2020年的农历新年期间,杨伟汉为了纪念挚爱的老师‘姚莉’ 再一次将这一部音乐剧搬上舞台。以最深的怀念及感恩,与众多歌迷一起以首首不朽名曲,追忆姚莉精彩的一生!



“In Memory of YaoLee – Her Songs, Her Life”
By Yang Wei Han

Yang WeiHan is the sole disciple that YaoLee had publicly acknowledged as her own. Their mutual affection and admiration had been built upon their common interest in the art and heritage of music as well as their outlook on life.

Just this year, in July 2019, YaoLee passed away peacefully at the age of 95. Henceforth, her life has passed on into the Music Hall of Fame, established as a gem in the History of Theatre. She left behind innumerable universally popular evergreens still reverberating in our ears.

In 2012, WeiHan published the biography of YaoLee. This richly illustrated coffee-table publication was distributed both in Malaysia and internationally, becoming a well sought-after collector’s item.

Apart from the publication, WeiHan wrote & produced a fullscale musical in her honour. In June 2012, it premiered in Malaysia, playing to full-houses for each of the 10 performances. YaoLee herself flew in from HongKong to grace the occasion, nightly watching every performance.

Next year, 2020, during the Lunar New Year period, WeiHan with fond memory and deepest gratitude, will re-stage the Musical as a tribute to his beloved Teacher YaoLee. Together with her fans, he would once again go down memory lane with each enduringly famous melody in her honour, remembering her splendid career and life!

Produced by: Han Production 汉制作
In Collaboration with: DPAC
Producer/ Director / Original Script Writer / Composer /Stage and Visual Design : Yang Wei Han 杨伟汉
Musical Director / Band Leader : Tay Cher Siang 郑泽相
Choreographer :Leng Poh Gee
Lighting Designer :Nicxon Tck
Sound Support : Chan Lee Sound & Light Sdn Bhd
Performers :
– Yang Wei Han 杨伟汉
– WVC – Malaysian Jazz Ensemble
– Leng Poh Gee 林保旭
– Foo Siau Yin 符晓盈

Song lists :

Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles.

Ticket Price:
NORMAL: RM88.00 | RM128.00

– 10% discount for the purchase of 4 tickets above
– 20% discount for the purchase of 8 tickets above
P/S : For ticket promotion & enquiries please contact 018-321 0585 OR [email protected]

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