I’mpossible by JLDT


I’mpossible by JLDT

I’mpossible is a production bring in residency choreographer to explore and uniquely create choreography for Jet Leang Dance Theatre with the artistic development and constant grow of the company.

In this seasons, we have Jinn Lau, the artistic director of JinnD Production, bringing us ‘HEADer’.

Then follow by Sufri Juwahir, Choreographer and dancer of Soul SIgnature (Singapore), creating a piece name ‘Unheard of’.

Beside that, this year we are honour to have Soul Signature to perform ‘Decipher’ with us in I’mpossible with Sufri Juwahir and Sheriden Newman.

Date: 14th September 2018

Time: 8.30pm

Venue: Stage 1, penangpac

Tickets: RM68 (standard)
RM58 (concession)
RM48 (earlybird)

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