“Ignite ” Solo Performance Festival 2022

“Ignite ” Solo Performance Festival 2022
In this small performance space, with 8 unique performances, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the many creative ways the performers celebrate life.
The 8 performers, through their rich and diverse expressions, will explore subjects such as gender, family, intimacy, mental health, occupation, language, and religion. They will question, answer, explore, create, and revel in solitude while lying barely their soul to the audience. They will ignite themselves with passion, and give their all, to celebrate the arts.
8 solo performances, 8 universes…
Group A Performers
Ling Tang (Theatre)–“Before Dawn”
Loke Soh Kim (Dance)– “Body Diaries”
Milo  (Theatre–Mandarin,Cantonese,) “Silent Sound”
Zul Zamir (Theatre–Malay) –“Hujan Pagi”
Group B Performers
Gregory Henno (Theatre–French and English)–“Mes Mots Sur Tes Lèvres,My Words on Your Lips”
Suzanne  (Theatre–Mandarin, Dialect)–“A Complete Woman”
Wong Thien Pau  (Dance)–“11:11 A Tribute to Loving (V3)”
Yiky Chew  (Theatre–English, Malay) “Kenapa Tak Tukar Nama?”
Collaboration Artists

Aiwei Foo 

Alison Khor 

Chin Wai Kong  

Chua Sek Khim

Faris Nasir

Gavin Yap

Kash Koe 

Kenneth Wong 

Kent Lee 

Lim Kien Lee 

Michelle Chia 

Syafiq Syazim

Yii Kah Hoe 

You You 

YS Tang 

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Performance Date & Time
Group A Performers
13 May 2022 –15 May 2022
27 May 2022–29 May 2022
Group B Performers
20 May 2022 –22 May 2022
3 Jun 2022–5 Jun 2022
Venue   Now Theatre, KL
English/Mandarin Surtitle
Duration   150 mins
Ticket Price
RM 68(Normal )
RM 126 (Combo Package with Complimentary Memories Cafe Coupon)
RM 48 (for students, senior citizens & OKU)
(Inquiries):+6012 488 9006 (WhatsApp)

Event Dates



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