An Astronomer finds herself alone again after the death of her husband. Undeterred, she embarks on a solo journey halfway around the world to witness the solar eclipse.

Elsewhere, a Man emerges from the woods for the first time after a decade of living alone in the wilderness. He stares into the void of the internet to find companionship in a world he no longer understands.

Two people traverse their individual relationships with isolation and look to the sky, the land, and the sea to learn HOW TO BE ALONE.

They explore a world of hermits and recluses, eclipses and tides, singing whales and talking plants, and valuable instructional videos on how to survive living in the woods by yourself. A theatrical journey through time and space, with each actor performing in a separate geographical location. Are they alone or are they connected through their mutual loneliness?

Starring @jokukathas and @akdeej
Directed by @ghafir and @joelwaage
Produced by @melissateoh
Supported by @cendanamalaysia

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