Fusion Wayang Kulit at 15JohorAF


The force is strong with this wayang kulit show!

Wayang Kulit Puppet Workshop, Puzzle Game, Exhibition, Talk, and a free Peperangan Bintang wayang kulit performance by Fusion Wayang Kulit

Peperangan Bintang is a must-see performance for audiences to witness the perfect fusion between traditional art and modern science fiction, through a retelling of the iconic 1977 film Star Wars –

this time, through beautifully crafted puppets in a Wayang Kulit (traditional Kelantanese shadow puppetry) adaptation.

And it’s not just Star Wars fans that are in for a treat! Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed will also be featured (along with his signature bush jacket and Bata slippers) – don’t miss out!

Online Purchase: RM 50 (Regular), RM 30 (Student)*
At Door Purchase: RM 60 (Regular), RM 36 (Student)*

Click this link to get your tickets.

* Please present your Student ID at the registration counter.

Fusion Wayang Kulit

Fusion Wayang Kulit was founded by Tintoy Chuo and Take Huat together with Pak Dain: the 13th accredited Tok Dalang (Master Puppeteer) of the Kelantan Traditional Malay Shadow Play in Malaysia to revive this dying traditional art by merging it with fusion elements and enhancing it with various multimedia components.

The team regularly makes new sets of puppets that showcases the relevance and versatility of shadow puppetry, including sets inspired by Star Wars, DC Superheroes, Bruce Lee, Halloween, Japanese Anime, and more.

They have been invited to perform and display their puppets in Australia, Singapore, and Germany.

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