Enough! How To Make Your Dialogue Sing

This workshop will address dialogue writing in fiction and creative nonfiction, and especially explore when to stop blabbering on. We will look at dialogue tags, keeping a scene moving, code-switching, and when backstory can replace dialogue or vice versa.
We’ll be looking at excerpts from short stories published in Asia as well as elsewhere, and keep it as real as possible in terms of what Malaysians want to talk about and how to make that globally appealing.
Bring an example of a few lines of your original dialogue, This workshop will include prompt-based writing exercises followed by discussions.

Dr. Dipika Mukherjee holds a PhD in English (Sociolinguistics) and is the author of the novels Shambala Junction, which won the UK Virginia Prize for Fiction, and Ode to Broken Things, which was longlisted for the Man Asia Literary Prize. Her short story collection is Rules of Desire (Fixi, 2015) and she has two poetry collections, The Third Glass of Wine (Writer’s Workshop, 2015), and The Palimpsest of Exile (Rubicon Press, 2009). She has mentored Southeast Asian writers for over two decades and has edited five anthologies of Southeast Asian fiction. She is Contributing Editor for Jaggery and frequently writes for World Literature Today, Asia Literary Review and Chicago Quarterly Review as well as a literary column for The Edge. She is core faculty at StoryStudio Chicago, teaches at the Graham School at University of Chicago, and is affiliated to the Buffet Institute for Global Affairs at Northwestern University.

Fiction, Creative Nonfiction


Intermediate / Advanced

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