Continue I : Tongue 活壹 : 三舌

Continue I : Tongue 活壹 : 三舌

Choreographer : Raymond Liew Jin Pin
Co-Choreographer/ Dramaturg : Jascha Viehstädt
Dancer : Lu Wit Chin, James Kan Che Wai & Raymond Liew Jin Pin
Composer : Ng Chor Guan
Stage Design : Ma Hui Shan
Lighting Design : Tan Eng Heng
Producer : Hoh May Yee

Ticket : RM68 (Adult) , RM58 (Student)
Dcard member : RM61
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is a dance trilogy made up of , and , which deals with continuous patterns in nature and human behaviour.

The first piece unfolds with three dancers endlessly turning around themselves, encircling their thoughts and how to communicate with the outside world.
But their words get stuck in the mouth, questions are lingering on the lips and emotions hover over the tongue. It is this very familiar, yet helplessly private situation that makes them move. With a huge appetite for words, they arm themselves with movement against the dark spells of modern life with all its promising freedom and hidden taboos.

And they go on, go on and on and on and on…





Supported by : Goethe Institute, DPAC ,INXO Arts Fund, City Ballet Academy, Toccata Studio, Passion Ma Artistry

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